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Autumn Rose (vocals)

Elijah Wojcik (drums)

Milo Brosamer (bass)

Vince Panero (keys, guitar)

Frank Visconti (trumpet)


Natsukashii is the Japanese word pointing at the feeling you get when a sense (taste or smell usually) evokes a fond memory from your past. ... But natsukashii – which derives from the verb “natsuku”, which means “to keep close and become fond of” – indicates joy and gratitude for the past rather than a desire to return to it .  It's Autumn's favorite word.


One day when Vince came over to jam a few tunes at Frank's place, he brought Autumn Rose on a whim to sing a few tunes.  Within the first 4 measures the sun shone bright and we were all filled with amazement when Autumn started singing.  "Got to get Milo on the phone" Frank said -- and he came over with his bass in hand.  We played for a couple of hours, and we knew that magic was bestowed upon us. At the end of the afternoon we took the name Autumn thought up and we became Natsukashii Soul before the end of the day.

Photo Credits: Eddy Vasquez
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Show 1: 2021-10-11 Sam Bond's Garage

Show 2: 2021-02-29 The Wandering Stool

Show 3: 2022-02-24 Blairally Vintage Arcade

Show 4: 2022-03-09 Sam Bond's Garage

Show 5: 2022-03-15 The Big Dirty

Show 6: 2022-03-29 The Big Dirty

Show 7: 2022-04-15 Luckey's Club

Show 8: 2022-04-23 The Big Dirty with The Gold Souls

Show 9: 2022-05-05 Sam Bond's Garage

Show 10: 2022-05-21 Luckey's Club

Show 11: 2022-06-11 Blairally Vintage Arcade

Show 12: 2022-06-23 Thinking Tree Spirits

Show 13: 2022-07-02 Friendly Garden

Show 14: 2022-07-07 Emerald Park

Show 15: 2022-07-16 John Henry's with Ripple Vision and Resonance

Show 16: 2022-07-20 The Friendly Garden

Show 17: 2022-07-22 Sam Bonds with Eli Howard & The Greater Good

Show 18: 2022-09-10 Ninkasi Better Living Room

Show 19: 2022-09-22 Harmonic Labs/Artistic Encounters-Kesey Square

Show 20: 2022-09-30 The Friendly Market

Show 21: 2022-10-07 Luckey's Club with The Ganja Marines

Show 22: 2022-10-15 255 Madison Tasting Room

Show 23: 2022-10-22 Sam Bond's Garage with Midnight Strobelight

Show 24: 2022-10-28 Sam Bond's Garage with Molasses

Show 25: 2022-10-29 Tokes n' Treats Halloween Bash with Ratie D and Band and Resonance - SOLD OUT

Show 26: 2022-11-16 The Jazz Station - SOLD OUT

Show 27: 2022-11-25 WOW Hall with Molasses and Midnight Strobelight

Show 28: 2022-11-26 The Holiday Market

Show 29: 2022-12-08 Civic Winery Private Event

Show 30: 2022-12-14 The Alluvium with Raw Dog Jones

Show 31: 2023-01-13 255 Madison

Show 32: 2023-01-28 The Hybrid Gallery

Show 33: 2023-02-03 Sam Bond's Garage

Show 34: 2023-03-03 Old World Center with Strange Rotation

Show 35: 2023-03-16 Blairally with The Ganja Marines

Show 36: 2023-03-24 Whirled Pies with Animals with Clothes On and Strange Rotation

Show 37: 2023-03-31 The Jazz Station - SOLD OUT

Show 38: 2023-04-01 Eugene Saturday Market Opening Day

Show 39: 2023-04-05 Alluvium with Nyla Mora

Show 40: 2023-04-21 255 Madison

Show 41: 2023-05-03 Blairally with Minka and Space Neighbors

Show 42: 2023-05-12 Mac's Restaurant and Nightclub

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